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Powerful, nonfiction read:


This was a powerful non-fiction read that people will have a hard time putting down. The story was clear and concisely written, showcasing a multitude of incidents that contributed to the deterioration of a family, the personal and business losses of a man and the gross injustices that often plague our society.

The author’s in-depth study of the law practices in relation to medical field lawsuits and divorce proceedings which favor one person over the other really brought the harm endured through this man’s life to the forefront. Each chapter has the reader shaking their head, unable to believe that one man would be forced to endure such hardships. More than that however, the novel allows readers to see the grave injustice that comes with failing to treat those suffering with mental illnesses, and how the taboo of suffering from such a disease or the inaccurate assumptions about mental illness often lead to a lack of diagnosis or care for such individuals, who if given proper treatment and care could avoid the unfortunate damage and suffering endured by both the patient and those closest to them, in this instance the author himself. -- Amazon Reviewer

A Travesty of Justice:

Amazing and horrifying...in the blink of an eye, a person's life and company can be stolen from them. The author seemed to have it all - nice family and a thriving business. Then, everything goes right to hell. I won't detail the story here, but I read this both fascinated and horrified that such a travesty of justice is possible in our legal system. This story has everything - mental illness, attempted murder, a family destroyed, a crooked judge. I couldn't put it down. - Amazon Reviewer

Where Greedy Lawyers Subvert, Invert, and Divert the Law

At this point in time we are unable to verify many of the facts, but I accept Fox’s account unequivocally; indeed, how else could one suitably absorb the message; an ancient one, that too often power is the handmaiden of corruption. Even without proof, many of the companies and the parade of crooks in this story are easily discoverable, some only too proud to have their names in lights in the news media.


This is a story about the sad unfolding of a family and the early successes and later destruction of one scientific pioneer’s career, and his expunged role in his once family. The book is throughout written in the first person, in the autobiographical voice of the author. Obviously, the charge of one-sidedness is there for those that want to believe it as so, and at times one is entitled to feel uneasy that nearly all of the fault is on the side of Fox’s adversaries; however, as stated, I read that as truth.
It is beyond question that in the US system of justice the judges are treated too much like legal gods, and too little like the flawed humans that everyone of them are. It is also beyond question that the legal system is heavily waited in the favour of those with money and friends in high places. Perhaps that is true virtually everywhere, but that doesn’t make any injustice any the less reprehensible. It is also beyond question that the patent system is a minefield of deceitful practices and outright cheating that give lone inventors little to no chance of properly profiting from their IP if they fall victim of unscrupulous companies and their lawyers. This book stands as testament to the deep corruption so often prevalent in US business practices.


The book is not an easy read, which is often the way of honest, accurate, unenhanced non-fiction. However, it is well written, and page by page, chapter by chapter, draws the reader on with ease. Possibly the book could have been better structured, and possibly it’s underlying anger could have been remitted by a few more personal experiences tangential to the drive to unmask injustices. We could have been granted some deeper insights to the author, though I fully understand one’s reticence to speak more openly, and even critically, about one’s self. Third party biography can for this reason often give a deeper picture.


Finally, this is a book that needs to be read, and needs to touch a broad public, and especially its movers and shakers. I hope that it does, but even if its influence is in the end only personally cathartic it is a story that needed telling. Some heavy hitters in business and law, should have spent, or should still spend, an uncomfortable stretch in prison. Has or will that happen? Not a chance in hell. But at least, perhaps some of the still living actors can be made to bow their powerful heads in shame. -- Amazon Reviewer