About the author

Kenneth R. Fox, MD is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Georgetown University School of Medicine, and trained in Ophthalmology at Case Western Reserve University, the University of London (England) and the University of Melbourne (Australia).

Dr. Fox has long been involved in global medical laser technologies research and development which created, patented, then licensed life-saving medical technologies for use in Cardiology, Vascular Surgery, Interventional Radiology, Urology and in other medical specialties. He has invented and holds many international patents in laser medical technology.  


Dr. Fox has practiced medicine in six countries on four continents and has lectured around the world.  He has taught both medicine and business at several universities in different countries and is a member or fellow in several international medical and scientific organizations.

Dr. Fox also runs a  global consulting company which invests in and consults for companies, inventors and their advisors involved in the development process of innovative medical technologies. 

In addition to writing his memoir, At The Point of A Knife, Dr. Fox is the author of many peer- reviewed medical and scientific articles, quite a few published poems and several short articles.